Daily Routines and Even More Watercolor!

Life aboard the MV Explorer is falling into an enjoyable pattern: waking slightly later than planned, exercise at the Wellness Center, reading, lunch, painting, dinner, more painting or games in the Glazier Lounge (depending on scheduled meetings, etc.), followed by a late night snack and finally a good night’s sleep. It’s a very pleasant repetition.

I’ve had some thoughts about the watercolor paintings that I’ve been doing. In them, mass or form is mostly defined by the overlapping of color. The depth of texture and color gives mass to my shapes. The works are dominated by lines, marks, and the layering of color that gives the work both mass and character. Lines give the work rhythm and help the eye navigate the broad shapes and quiet passages.

I’ve also thought about where the works come from. In a way, I think the shapes and colors and lines are disguises or alterations of places that I’ve been. When working, I’m very focused on letting go. My process takes place within a format but revolves around discovery and finding passages as they present themselves. I can’t help but notice that some of the images recur and gradually reveal places from my personal history: the park as a child, boating on lakes surrounded by broad and dark mountains, hiking on trails along cliffs… Enjoyment of nature is a major theme in my life and through my paintings, I think, there is a connection to the places tied most deeply to what I believe.

Another, slightly quieter watercolor from my Atlantic series of paintings, 4” x 6”.


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