Composing at Sea

I spent about two hours on deck reading from Edgar Payne’s book, Composition of Outdoor Painting, today. He has a concise way of describing many of the things that I’ve been doing intuitively for years and it gives me a sense of control and direction that is very reassuring. I owe my uncle Jim many thanks for giving me this book.

We will arrive in Barcelona on Wednesday morning and I am very excited to see land. I can’t wait to explore and do some outdoor drawings. Until then, I’ll continue sketching around the ship and creating watercolors. Here is another in my series of invented compositions. I think my longing to be on dry land is starting to come through.


1 thought on “Composing at Sea

  1. Bet you and Katy cant wait to see land and go walking…but while on the water have you seen any dolphins or whales? Love your latest creation…very nice …cant wait to see and read what Spain brings for you …hope it is very enjoyable and exciting for you.Love you

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