In my most recent compositions, I’ve been experimenting with the use of complimentary colors to create harmony and interest. With oil paint, I would usually inject some small part of a complimentary color into the color that I wanted to see on the surface to give it a neutral quality that I could vary throughout the work. With watercolor, I’m putting the complimentary color on the paper first and then, after a varied amount of drying time, adding the desired color over the top and continuing to work on the proportions of each as I go along. I’m also mixing colors in my palette and gauging which method or combination of methods gives the best result. I like the transparent quality of the paints and am really enjoying the opportunity to focus on painting while at sea.

I should mention that we have entered the Mediterranean Sea. Passing through the Strait of Gibraltar last night, everyone was very excited and relieved to finally see land again. Just this morning we arrived in Barcelona! Time to go explore.


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