Today we landed in Dubrovnik and it is definitely the most beautiful port that we have entered so far. Around every corner, I notice something else that is extraordinary. The buildings are beautiful and the coast is incredible.

While we traveled to Croatia, I found a book in the ship’s library called, An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory and it has me feeling even more excited about building a sketchbook and considering it in a new way, as a project unto itself. The heat made it difficult to draw outside but I’ll post some new drawings in the next day or two.

For now, here are a couple of pictures from today in Dubrovnik.




2 thoughts on “Croatia

  1. Dear Brian I miss you and Katy very much…it sounds like your having a wonderful time…I love checking your web sight and your art has been outstanding. The pics of Croatia are beautiful. It has been very hot here upper 90s …hope your doing well.Love Mom

  2. Dearest Katy & Brian: Feel like we have our own personal travel guides. Your updates and pictures are beautiful & Brian, love the artwork & watercolors! Not sure if you’ve been getting our messages but know that we love you & miss you (but glad you’re having such a great time….I can see it in your faces!) Love you! Aunt Judy & Uncle Gary

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