More Sketches

Our time in Greece has come to an end and I have a couple of sketches to share. My wife and I traveled to three islands during our time and here is a sketch from our favorite, Hydra. It’s a beautiful place and is distinctly filled with donkeys. Some are being offered up to tourists for rides and there are many being used for labor. I spent about five minutes sketching this donkey before he was loaded with groceries and led away. The islands were scenic, relaxing, and easily my favorite part of our time in Greece.
We also visited the Acropolis in Athens. Even though we went early in the day, the crowd of people was a little overwhelming. However, the Parthenon was amazing to see and I spent much of my time there with the feeling of how astonishing this must have been to see and experience in a completely different cultural context when it was newly constructed.
Our next destination is Istanbul, Turkey and I’ll be checking in with some more drawings or maybe some of the paintings that I’m working of right now as we continue across the Mediterranean.


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