Returning Home

We are a little over half of the way across the Atlantic and scheduled to arrive Boston on August 18. I think that everyone on our voyage has had a lot to reflect on in the last few days. Our time has gone by so quickly, being filled with activity almost every day. It has been an excellent chance to see a new part of the world firsthand and let new experiences shape our view of the world.

Some of the time, perhaps this happened the most in Barcelona, I felt that our surroundings were very similar to what you would find in a major U.S. city. There were lots of restaurants, beautiful buildings, and friendly people wherever we wandered. Everything was different enough to be very interesting but still felt familiar and inviting.

On the other end of the spectrum, I felt almost completely lost in Morocco. There were small things that looked familiar, like an oddly placed Pizza Hut near the Medina in Casablanca or an equally out of place shopping mall on the outskirts of the city. Mostly though, it was a very different place where it seemed almost impossible that commerce or even traffic could possibly work given the cramped streets and millions of people. But people find a way, as foreign as it might feel to an outsider from across the globe people find a way to flourish.

Being fairly passive in consideration of the idea, it’s easy to assume that everyone in the world thinks and feels roughly the same way about life that you do. But throughout our travels, I saw people of different beliefs and backgrounds all living ways of life that were just right for them. Overall, this journey has made me realize that the world is way bigger and more diverse than I ever considered. It has also made me consider what it means to be from the United States. I feel a stronger connection to being an American. The U.S. is much more unique and dear to me than I ever realized. That being said, it has been an amazing summer in some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

Here is one of the latest paintings that I’ve done while aboard the ship. When we get home and have good internet, I’ll be posting some larger groups of work from throughout the voyage.


1 thought on “Returning Home

  1. Brian,
    I have so enjoyed reading about your journey and seeing your creations through your personal lens. It was fun “checking in” to see what you two were up to, and it also helped a mom feel connected to her loved ones so far away. Sounds like an incredible experience! Much love to you xoxoxo

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