Life After Semester at Sea

It has been almost two months since Katy and I returned from our voyage with Semester at Sea and the experience has had a great deal of impact on my point of view.  Interestingly, it’s difficult to put my finger on exactly what’s different.  Little things jump out at me about the U.S. that I never noticed before.  There’s a lot of stuff like the pace of a meal at a restaurant or the size of an automobile that stand out and, while I don’t think these are hugely important differences, they make me think about how invisible certain parts of my own culture have been to me. Overall, I think that the experience has made me more open to new ideas and more observant of life in my own country. The world is an incredibly diverse and interesting place and I hope to see even more of it going forward.

I’ve been wanting to post a few more of the paintings that I did near the end of our voyage and I’d like to say that I’ve been so busy that I couldn’t find the time but, in truth, I haven’t been sure of what to say.  Overall, it was an amazing and eye opening experience that I am very grateful to have participated in. And I’m very happy that I shared some of that experience on this blog. Thanks go out to all of you that read along and those that posted such nice comments. Going forward, I’d like to keep this blog alive with some posts of the drawings and paintings that I’m currently working on.

Here are a few of the works that stood out as my favorites from the end of our trip.



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