I find myself thinking more and more about all of the things I see as I walk around San Francisco.  What do I want to capture about my adopted city.  I’ve played around with perspective and how the streets look as I walk and turn my eyes upward at intricate houses and the maze of wires that make everything go and light up like magic.  And this week I spent some time watching people.  I saw visitors in Union Square pointing up at landmarks and checking maps.  I watched people lawn bowling in Golden Gate Park.  Overall, I’ve been paying more attention to people and how we interact with our environment.

It’s interesting to consider how we’ve built cities like this one and what motivates us to build more.  Complex and geometric constructions with such a variety of purposes seem separate and distinct from nature, but are so likely inspired by natural and instinctual impulses.  People are very interesting and I enjoy trying to capture little snippets of our motions and motivations. Here are a couple of pages of very quick gesture drawings from the week. Hope you enjoy them!

Gestures 1  Gestures 2


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