The Betta Bowl

The more that I paint, the more I’m starting to see things to paint everywhere I go.  Sometimes, I’ll notice a shadow being cast from the light coming in a window or an irregular pattern in the sidewalk and think about how I could paint it.  I feel like commonplace objects can become interesting and have a lot of content.  I’ve started looking with more curiosity and am trying to improve my understanding of watercolor painting. I’m figuring out what works for me and what doesn’t by trying new materials and reading.

Mostly I’ve been painting the streets around San Francisco and landscapes around the area but this is a painting of a betta bowl that I helped prepare for friends.  It was only on our counter for a couple of hours but I was drawn into the shapes and, of course, the interesting movements of the fish.  It looks a little different from what I normally create and it makes me want to keep painting new things, maybe more fish…hope you like it and thanks for looking.

Betta Bowl


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