A Cold Can’t Slow Me Down, Well…

About two weeks ago, a cold actually did slow me down.  It brought a crashing halt to my blogging, art production, and just about everything that involved me being awake. Fortunately, I’ve made a full recovery and am back to drawing and painting.

Since I missed a week due to illness and the holiday, I’ll post two images that I recently painted outside.  I really enjoy painting while outside because I think it forces me to speed up.  The lines come faster and the process takes over the direction of the painting.  At home, I would have more of chance to second guess myself, which can become the death of immediacy in the work.

I will also be updating my Etsy store, ArtFromBrian, soon so please take a look.

Hope you enjoy these and thank you for your support.

Carl HotelStow Lake


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