It can be difficult to find your way into a painting or anything that you put a piece of yourself into.  Self doubt and the urge to keep things safe and the same can be hard to overcome. Letting go of control accounts for most of the paintings that I feel good about but letting go is such a slippery skill to work on.  The moment you think about it, it’s gone, run over by self-consciousness and doubt.

This is a topic that runs back quite a few years in my mind, to drawing classes in college where I first began to let go of self-consciousness and create without effort.  It’s funny how years later, consciousness can be just as slippery and mysterious.  And it’s still the most important part of creativity, to me.  Lately, I feel like I’ve been more plugged in to the creative process and more able to let go.  It may be that I’m growing more familiar with my materials and the process of painting.  But it feels like I’m reconnecting with some of the energy that I felt years ago in those first drawing classes… It feels good and here is one of my paintings from this week.

December Storm

Original available at ArtFromBrian on Etsy.


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