A new year and new paintings.

It is a new year and I still want to paint everyday.  I’m hoping to branch out this year and get involved with the local art community.  This blog has been a good outlet for sharing my work and I really value the feedback that I’ve received. I’m hoping to find the same kind of outlet here in San Francisco.  Just this week, I entered two paintings into a local juried show and am hoping to meet some people at the opening if I’m accepted.  I’ve also found an open studio for life drawing and I’ve even started reading some art history, a task that, while always rewarding, often falls from the top of my list.  I’m optimistic for the year ahead and plan to continue updating what I learn along the way on this blog.

One major advancement in my painting is the use of Arches watercolor paper.  I’ve been using other papers that are acid free and meet archival standards but the Arches feels truly superior to me.  The paint clings to it and the colors look more rich and permanent. Figuring out my materials for watercolor painting has taken some time but I’m feeling much better about them.  Maybe, I’ll do a post about the materials I’m using and my process in the future.  In the meantime, here is a detail of a painting that I’m working on this week using Winsor & Newton Artists’ Water Colour on Arches 140 lbs. cold press watercolor paper.



2 thoughts on “A new year and new paintings.

  1. Nothing to with art, but I’m sorry we missed while you were back for Christmas. Time moves to quickly. I hope your holidays were enjoyable. Please send my love to Katy. Oh okay some art stuff, I love the water colors and hope your entries come back with helpful critiques.

    • Thank you Pepper! I’m dropping off my paintings today and the show is this weekend so I’m hoping it goes well. I wish we would have seen you and the family over Christmas too but I’m still very grateful that we were able to see you in October. Best wishes and hope your new year is off to a great start!

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