Art Show, Painting, Learning, and More Painting

The year is off to a great start! On Friday, my wife and I attended our first art show in the bay area that includes some of my work. The show is called “Impulse” and is up through January 31 at the Arc Gallery in San Francisco.  I submitted two paintings and was very pleased with the turnout for Friday’s reception.

This experience also made me aware of the San Francisco Artist Network that offers a number of services to bay area artists.  They conduct a lecture series addressing many areas of concern for artists and I’m going to attend my first one later this evening.  I’m looking forward to this and finding more opportunities to keep learning.  I know that I need to keep refreshing my process with new information to keep it all moving.

Other than that, I’m just painting, drawing, and reading about art.  I love painting outside and lately the weather has been beautiful, so here is a painting that I did outdoors last week.

The Corner


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