Day 7: The Finish Line…For Now

I only had time for a quick sketch today, but I found an awesome Volkswagen Beetle to draw and am pretty happy with the result.  The car looked like it just came off of the showroom floor so I had to take a moment to admire.

I made it to day 7 of sharing my sketches and am very happy with how it feels.  I want to continue using this blog to share my San Francisco sketching adventures and am thinking of some tweaks the future. The idea of a sketchbook, itself, as a work of art is very compelling to me and something I want to continue to explore.  Until then, here’s my sketch of the Beetle.



3 thoughts on “Day 7: The Finish Line…For Now

  1. This is a great drawing, especially for just a quick sketch. You should definitely start a sketch book, they’re lots of fun for scribbling down random drawings whenever you want. 🙂

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