A Memory

Down the Street Watercolor Painting

Brian Bailey, Down the Street, Watercolor, 4″ x 4″, © 2015

I walk through life and the thing that occurs to me over and over is to draw or paint what I’m seeing.  It’s one of the ways I build a relationship to the world around me.  Fleeting moments combine in my memory and seem to be the main way that I define periods of time in my life.  My paintings feel like a collection of those moments, like a record of where I’ve been at different times.  I’m interested in exploring how those moments and places, that may seem inconsequential, can become so central to my memory of life up to now.  I walked up a street in San Francisco this morning that I had never seen before and it had that feeling of being a new piece of the puzzle.  I started this painting on the spot and finished it at home.  I hope you’re enjoying my daily blog entries and thank you for your support.


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