Wires In the Sky

Wired Sky, Watercolor Painting

Brian Bailey, Wired Sky, Watercolor and Ink on Yupo, 4″ x 4″, © 2015

If you’ve been to San Francisco, you may have noticed that there are power lines everywhere.  And while they could be thought of as an eyesore, I tend to think of them as an integral part of the city’s character.  They transmit electricity, communications, and the MUNI buses are powered by some of them.  The lines and shapes formed overhead create a framework for viewing parts of the city. This one’s on Yupo, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite surfaces to paint on.  It’s durable, washable, and really makes colors glow. I’m sure I will post more paintings on Yupo in the future.


6 thoughts on “Wires In the Sky

  1. Yupo always seems hard to me because it lifts too easy. Have you tried a gesso board though? Not one meant for watercolor, but one for oils or acrylics. Those can be wiped mostly clean (maybe with some staining) with a wet towel. 🙂

  2. I agree the paint lifts pretty easily but I’m kind of enjoying the smudges, lifts and marks. Haven’t tried gesso board but I can see how that might be useful. One thing that seems to help quite a bit with Yupo is to wash it with a little bit of dish soap and wipe it dry before painting. When oil or fingerprints are on the surface, it’s challenging to control where the paint goes.

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