I was updating everyday for quite a while but I’ve decided that I need a few days between posts to get caught up with changes and new ideas. I’m reading The Art Spirit by Robert Henri in bits and pieces along with looking through blogs and listening to podcasts to keep refreshing the well of ideas and inspiration for new works. I still draw and paint each day and walk outside, looking for new perspectives.  I was in a cafe this morning, looking and drawing over a cup of coffee.  The things that I notice are sometimes striking and pull my thoughts in a new direction and sometimes everything feels like a mystery.  The faces of people eating breakfast or reading through emails are happy faces or blank faces or the faces of waiting or remembering.  Each day, I’m looking and trying to see clearly. Sometimes all the lines in all the faces come together and make a picture. Other times, each face is a tangent. I’ll be updating whenever there is more to report, probably once a week for a while, and I thank you for your support.

Watercolor Sketch

Brian Bailey © 2015


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