There is something that just feels right about drawing or simply making marks.  If you ask most people about drawing they almost immediately say something like, “I can’t even draw a stick figure.” It can be very hard to suspend judgement of the drawings that we make, but it can feel amazingly good to let go and let the images come out freely.  So this week,  I’ve taken time to explore with just a pencil and paper.  This is a drawing of my wife from an afternoon that we spent near Napa, CA.

Brian Bailey, Drawing

Brian Bailey © 2015


2 thoughts on “Drawing

  1. Brian, this is amazing. Your main focus is watercolor cityscapes, right? I’m on my tablet and not sure if I may be confusing you with one of the many artists I follow but wow. It really does make one realize how satisfying viewing and drawing with a pencil can be. This wasn’t a graphite pencil, though, was it? Looks a bit greenish? I love it. This is very transportive and shows you love for the landscape and your wife too! 💛

    • Thank you so much for the comment! Yes, I mostly do cityscapes but lately I’ve been thinking about landscapes and getting out of the city. Just a normal pencil but on slightly yellow paper. I try to match colors as closely as I can but occasionally struggle. Thanks again!

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