Fallen Leaf

Brian Bailey, A Walk to Fallen Leaf

Brian Bailey, A Walk to Fallen Leaf, Oil on Canvas, 8″ x 10″, © 2015

I have been drawing and painting everyday for quite awhile now and I can feel my work changing.  I can feel my relationship to painting changing and my insights feel more focused and tangible.  I have a degree in art and have spent years creating and thinking about art but, in a way, I feel like I just woke up.  I’ve spent a lot of hours reading about painting recently and, at times, I’m shocked by the things that never occurred to me. It can feel like there is an overwhelming amount to learn but this is also the thought that’s most energizing.  There is always something to learn and there are always insights that are not obvious until you make a connection with someone else’s perspective.  I feel more excited about reading than at any other time I can remember.

My latest efforts have been in oil and mostly inspired by landscape.  My wife and I went to Lake Tahoe for a wedding last weekend and managed to fit in a short hike to Fallen Leaf Lake.  It was beautiful, and I came home with many new photographs.  With this latest painting, I’m using a slightly heavier impasto and I think I’ll continue down that road, building some thicker surfaces. Thanks for taking a look and your comments are always appreciated.


7 thoughts on “Fallen Leaf

    • That is a good question. I think that a relationship with color develops over time and is about recognizing areas that you can adjust within a single painting and in your overall approach. I read recently that a finished painting isn’t evidence of 1000 perfect brush strokes but of 1000 corrections, which makes a lot of sense. I think I rely on instinct and what feels natural to make my initial decisions about color and then adjust over time. Warmer here…Cooler there…and so on.

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