Finding the Way

In the past month, I’ve been drawing and painting daily and am excited to say that I’ll be participating in a group exhibit at the Collector Art Shop in Berkeley, CA from May 23rd through June 28th.  There will be a reception on the night of June 12th and all are welcome to attend!  Along with this, I’m continuing to look for opportunities to exhibit my paintings in the bay area and I’m developing my work with watercolor. I feel like I’m making strides with watercolor and that process has been the topic of most of my posts here, but I’d like to experiment with a new format.

My vision is of a blog where I share my drawings on a periodic basis.  Drawing is the foundation of all the work I make.  It’s the art activity that has always been a constant in my life.  And I want this blog to be a record of growth, discovery, and accountability.  As a start, I’m going to post a new drawing every day for the next week.  Some drawings might be simple and sketchy. Some will be more finished, but they will all show up here each day for the next week.

The first one is a building on Oak St. in San Francisco that I drew this morning.