City Life

Watercolor Painting, Grant Street, Brian Bailey

Brian Bailey, Grant Street, Watercolor, 10″ x 8″ © 2015

Lately, one of the most interesting aspects of painting has been trying to find a middle ground between unfinished and overworked.  I feel like I’m edging closer to being comfortable with my process.  It’s about finding the right state of mind and being able to stay in that space for longer and longer periods of time.  It’s also about identifying when the moment has passed and I need to take a break to refocus.

I’ve been including people in all my recent paintings and it feels like discovering a new language.  I was so struck by the beauty and variety of buildings in San Francisco that, for a while, I was ignoring its residents.  Now I find myself paying more attention to the relationship that people have to the places they live. It’s interesting to notice how one influences the other…



Watercolor Painting, Traffic

Brian Bailey, Traffic, Watercolor, 7″ x 5″, © 2015

My paintings have taken me back downtown this week.  I’ve been focused on public transportation vehicles.  Buses and trains feel symbolic of city life to me and, along with many sketches, I came up with this painting of a muni bus rounding a corner on Market Street.