Mixing It Up

This has been a very good week. I was lucky to reconnect with a friend and fellow artist that happened to be in the area for a few days.  And I am very happy with the paintings I did this week.   I was feeling like I needed to step in a new direction for a while to liven things up.  This happens somewhat regularly and trying new variations and techniques keeps up my motivation.

I have always liked the look of watercolor and ink used together but hadn’t experimented with it too much until recently.  This week I made an effort of keep my paintings loose until the were near their endpoint. Then I would redefine the loose edge with ink to sharpen the focus and composition.  I also experimented with using white acrylic gesso over watercolor to soften areas away from the center of interest.  This creates abstract passages and, I think, heightens or warps the sense of perspective.  I’ll definitely be experimenting with this more in the future.

Here is a painting from this week.

500 Club