The Orange Van

Watercolor Painting, The Orange Van

Brian Bailey, The Orange Van, Watercolor, 4″ x 4″, © 2015

On my ventures out to sketch, I’ve probably walked by this van a hundred times and never without briefly looking over to admire it.  The lines of the body, the windows, and the utility of its design capture my imagination for a moment and become one more piece of my life in San Francisco, where Volkswagen vans still abound.  My walks around the city, not only looking for subjects to sketch or paint, are spent forming a relationship with life right here and now.  I’m recording the small things that are special and meaningful.  I feel a great devotion to things, whether it’s a van or a shadow cast over the rooftop of a house that I otherwise have no connection to.  The places and things that I pass by on my way through life leave fingerprints on my mind and memories.  Maybe that’s why drawing and painting have become so important to me.  Each drawing represents a tiny fraction of how I look at the world.


Day 7: The Finish Line…For Now

I only had time for a quick sketch today, but I found an awesome Volkswagen Beetle to draw and am pretty happy with the result.  The car looked like it just came off of the showroom floor so I had to take a moment to admire.

I made it to day 7 of sharing my sketches and am very happy with how it feels.  I want to continue using this blog to share my San Francisco sketching adventures and am thinking of some tweaks the future. The idea of a sketchbook, itself, as a work of art is very compelling to me and something I want to continue to explore.  Until then, here’s my sketch of the Beetle.