Wires In the Sky

Wired Sky, Watercolor Painting

Brian Bailey, Wired Sky, Watercolor and Ink on Yupo, 4″ x 4″, © 2015

If you’ve been to San Francisco, you may have noticed that there are power lines everywhere.  And while they could be thought of as an eyesore, I tend to think of them as an integral part of the city’s character.  They transmit electricity, communications, and the MUNI buses are powered by some of them.  The lines and shapes formed overhead create a framework for viewing parts of the city. This one’s on Yupo, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite surfaces to paint on.  It’s durable, washable, and really makes colors glow. I’m sure I will post more paintings on Yupo in the future.



Quiet Corner, Watercolor Painting

Brian Bailey, Quiet Corner, Watercolor on Yupo paper, 4″ x 4″, © 2015

Today I finished two paintings of corner buildings on Yupo paper that I’ve been working on throughout the week.  It takes a while for water to dry on this surface so I’ve started working on more than one painting at a time, moving back and forth between them.  I’m still pretty excited to experiment with Yupo.  There seems to be many ways to make contrasting textures with different techniques. Thank you to everyone for the support and comments throughout the week!  If you would like to continue to support my artwork and this blog, please visit my Etsy store, ArtFromBrian. All of the paintings from this week are up for sale along with a few others.  Thanks again!

Dark Sky, Watercolor Painting

Brian Bailey, Dark Sky, Watercolor on Yupo paper, 4″ x 4″, © 2015

A New Surface

Lines on Blue

Brian Bailey, Lines on Blue, Watercolor on Yupo, 4″ x 4″ © 2015

My painting today is the result of experimenting with watercolor on Yupo paper. Yupo isn’t actually paper at all, but a machine-made sheet of polypropylene that artists have been experimenting with for several years now.  So far, I’m a fan of Yupo and the fact that it’s non-absorbent.  As paint dries on the surface, it moves around and settles in interesting patterns.  I like the feeling of letting go and the slight lack of control over the finished product.  Also, if you find the result unsatisfying, you can wipe it away with paper towel or smear it and make new patterns.  I will most likely be sharing more paintings on Yupo in the near future.  Please let me know what you think!